Jun 01, 2023

The Most Struggles HR Leaders Will Face in the Next Decade

  • By Luvenia,
Issues Facing HR Leaders Heading Into 2022

The work-life scenarios in 2019 and 2022 are different. Last two years, the world economy faced a crisis due to the pandemic. Hopefully, things will get back to normal, but people who are now used to the new normal will have a problem returning to the old job life. Work-from-home, which used to be a rare condition, is a habit today, and human resource leaders had to redesign their policies to make sure people are productive in the new circumstance. HR management has to decide if they want people to go back to the office and change some practices. Check out the issues that the HR team is about to face this year.

  1. Remote work or office life: During the pandemic, companies around the world, shifted to remote and hybrid work formats. Now, many companies are thinking of bringing people back to the office. However, surveys are made and people are more intrigued by the work-from-home format and would love to continue remotely. If companies decide to implement the old structure, it can be a huge challenge.
  2. Change management: Employees prefer hybrid work to regular work. To execute any change in the current system, change managers need to be more flexible and proactive. Employees may feel fatigued due to the sweep. These change managers need to help them cope with the change in the organization.
  3. Reskilling and upskilling: With people being home for most of the time, communication is scarce. New skill development is a big problem. The human resource managers are finding new ways to make people interested in skill development. The gap in skills has been a problem in the last two years.
  4. Talent search: The market scenario is changing rapidly. You don’t know which skills will have high demand in the coming year. It is even more difficult to design a training program for employees based on future requirements. This can be a huge challenge for HR in the coming years.
  5. Providing employee experience: Work-life experience has changed in the last two years. The fresh recruits have started their job life by working remotely. If they keep on working in the hybrid format for more years to come, they will face difficulty working in an office environment.
  6. Recreating training practices: Workshops and training programs are essential to keep employees up to date. Ensure that the employees attend the workshops even when they work remotely. It can be a huge issue.
  7. Promoting a healthy work environment: People have not worked together in a very long time. In case, the companies decide to call them back to the office, it would be difficult to promote a healthy work environment. Talents should be given more importance than experience, and age. It can be difficult with bureaucratic practices.

HR leaders have a huge task in hand. The work structure is again going to change. It can be a blend of hybrid and office work structures. They need to deal with the mentioned issues to make the company operation productively.

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