Eleveo: Solutions For Complex Contact Center Problems

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Brian Shore, CEO

Company: Elevēo,


Elevēo was formed to provide effective, simplified solutions for complex contact center problems. Our products provide only features needed to elevate contact center operations & processes, are built using modern frameworks and cloud-native technologies that scale & move with your business.

Eleveo provides a range of services to simplify the work pattern of contact centers. The services include call recording, workforce management, analytics, quality management, and much more. The service by Eleveo helps the organization by recording contact center interactions including inbound and outbound calls, transaction-related to healthcare and finances, and helping in privacy and regulatory management. Check out why you shall choose Eleveo for your organization.

Customer interaction in the contact centers is highly complicated. There are multiple channels that agents have to deal with. Eleveo simplifies the process and helps in recording the required data.

The contact centers are taking up more responsibilities these days while they are expected to charge less. Implementing Eleveo solution will reduce cost and increase operational efficiency. In a way, the efficiency of the contact centers will increase.

Many contact centers have moved on to a hybrid environment with cloud technologies. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is now a universal concept and this is a viable solution for HR-related issues too. The complexities will reduce and the flexibility will be much more with the new solution.

Eleveo allows the commercial contact centers to deploy new technology at a cheaper price. The advanced contact center technology is now accessible for better IT processes by reducing the cost of IT, support, and integration.

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The time of the contact center agent is limited and to achieve maximum out of it, a service like Eleveo is needed.

Eleveo is one of the most remarkable HR vendors of 2021. With the changing need of HR and HR becoming more technology-oriented, companies need to get vendors that perform tasks for them. The Human Resource leaders will have more time to focus on facts that actually matter and that will increase the overall productivity of the company, in the long run.