Kick Start Your Business with PDS HCM Vista Solution

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Pat Palmer, CEO

Company: Personnel Data Systems, Inc (PDS),


PDS provides safe, secure HCM solutions and technology that solve problems for people. The president of PDS, Pat Palmer has years of experience in the HCM industry and his company guided by his leadership has changed according to the need of time.


In business, data is one of the most valuable factors. Marketing, distribution, and allocation are based on data received from different sources. The importance of data cannot be ignored for Human Resources. HR tools are moving towards better security of data and vendors that can provide such solutions are upscaling in the market. PDS-produced Vista HCM solution is a perfect example of a recruiting tool that selects talents based on data. The tool not only ensures the engagement of employees to the whole system but also provides the right level of accessibility to the assigned groups.

Future of HCM with PDS

PDS provides a secured platform for the user where the data is kept safe and updated. Instead of creating just any tool, PDS makes sure to take suggestions from people and bring technology for people. The future of HCM is providing solutions through the entire lifecycle of the employee, and the PDS HCM solution does the same. Vista HCM solution by PDS is one of the most in-demand HR software in the market.

Vista HCM and its implications

Vista HCM is a powerful tool designed to make human resource management easy. It’s an advanced tool with multiple functions, namely recruitment, payroll, human resource benefits, self-service, attendance management, workflow management, and more. Vista HCM brings analytics and reporting together in the same forum which makes depicting data quite easy. The tool is currently in use by healthcare, education, government, finance, manufacturing, utilities, and many other sectors. It is especially beneficial for companies with both Canadian and US employees. The single-database architecture aids in cross-border data sourcing in an integrated tool. PDS ensures that the implementation of the technology is smooth for the companies and the experience is up to the mark.

Vista and Analytics

The value of correct data is comparable to gold. To make a professional decision, it is important to have the right data in the system. The journey does not end with that. Analytics plays a major role in assessing the data and providing results that are best suited for the company’s goals. Vista analytic component by PDS allows the companies to analyze data for strategic success. The Vista analytic platform helps you understand what drivers your business and HR technology needs. As a result, you can jump-start the business and reach the required goals. PDS Vista analytics helps the organization collect data across the organization and present it in an attractive and meaningful way that is easy to grasp. Instead of hardcopy reports, you can now have a tool-driven report with no human error. The data will be presented with charts and diagrams to make you understand the trend, more easily.

Integrated workflow engine in Vista Solution

To ensure automation in the workflow, vista has an integrated workflow engine that manages the approval process. The approval process is quite efficient in dealing with employee transaction monitoring and ensuring reroute as required. Any action can be automated through an approval process that is easy to understand and secured through the PDS vista tool. The automated workflow helps your organization by encouraging consistent practices in the approval process. No need for a paper approval form that is subjected to loss and decay. The participants receive appropriate information devices for them through Vista and Vista email services. Approvals can be performed from a tablet, mobile, and laptops for both active and passive customers. The need for a phone call is eliminated and any decision like approval, rejection, and correction can be intimated to the participant.

PDS as software for human resource

The corporate knowledge base is incomplete without employee data. Human resource technology is working every day to make access to data and interpretation of the same better for business applications. Vendors like PDS have come up with software to make human resource management more rewarding. PDS does a lot when it comes to HR technology and as a vendor, it is one of the supreme in the market. The Vista component of the HCM section helps in complete HR administration. There are other functions carried out by the Vista Human Resource tool. Onboarding, Payroll, Recruitment, Integration and automation into e-verification, Employee’s experience, Employee engagement in the system, PayScale management, Succession management, Performance planning, Budgeting, Position management, Intuitive self-service for managers and employees, License and certificate service, Historical tracking, Risk management and safety at the workspace, Access deployment via mobile, Standard report in English, Dashboard and action analysis, Electronic signature integration To understand the overall function of PDS, you need to check the details of the company and make a call. The company has widened its boundary during the pandemic to incorporate more tools. The president of PDS, Pat Palmer has years of experience in the HCM industry and his company guided by his leadership has changed according to the need of time.